NBA Talk 2/11/18

  • Anthony David drops 44 points as the Pelicans defeat the Nets 138-128
  • Joel Embiid puts up 29 points and 16 Rebounds in a win against the Clippers.
  • Isaiah Thomas in debut with Lakers 22 points and 6 assists.
  • Warriors remain on top of the West after defeating the Spurs 122-105.
  • The Clippers and the Cavs making big trade deadline moves what are your thoughts?

Check out this highlights on Isaiah Thomas and what the Lakers May be getting into the future. Brought to you by NBA.

Isaiah Thomas 29 point 4th quarter.

NBA Talk 1/31/18

  • Beal and Porter combine for 46 as they end the OKC Thunder’s winning streak.
  • Kanter puts up 20 points 20 rebounds as the Knicks take down the Nets 111-95.
  • Pistons Andre Drummond with near triple double take down the Cavs 125-114.
  • James harden puts up ridiculous numbers scoring 60 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists as Rockets defeat the Magic 114-107.
  • Despite all the Spurs injuries they continue to stay relative with a record of 34-19.
  • Utah Jazz put a beating on the Warriors 129-99.
  • Tragic car crash claims former NBA player Rasual Butler age 38.
  • Who will take Kevin Loves spot as an all-star? What are your thoughts?

Watch this highlight on Hardens big 60 point game brought to you by NBA. First 60 point triple double James Harden

NBA Talk 1-24-18

  • NBA Allstar game in Los Angeles, Rosters are set. How does everyone feel about the new format this year?
  • Westbrook hits the game winning layup to finish off the Nets 109-108
  • Lebron scores his 30,000 point unfortunately Cavs fall to the Spurs as they spoil the occasion.
  • Durant career high 14 assists in win over the Knicks.
  • Kuzma gives the Lakers 28 points in a one point victory over the Celtics 108-107.
  • The debate rises once again who is the best player of all time. MJ or Bron? What are your thoughts?

Check out this highlight of Lebron’s road to 30,000 points. Brought to you by ESPN.

NBA Talk 12/27/2017

  • Mav’s snap Raptors six game winning streak 98-93
  • Miami outscores the Magic by 24 in the second half and end up dominating 108-89
  • The Spurs handle the Brooklyn Nets as Kawhi drop 21 in 26 minutes
  • Tyson Chandler with a game winning lob dunk to beat the Grizzlies by 2
  • Clippers shoot 55% and 31 assists as they moo the floor with the Kings 122-95

Just a few more days of NBA basketball before the new year. Looking forward to more exciting hoops from around the league in 2018.

Here’s a look at the best plays from Christmas 2017 in the NBA. Brought to you by NBA.

NBA Christmas 2017 Top Plays

NBA Talk 11/30/17

  • Pistons their strong season with a dominating win over the Suns 131-107
  • Aaron Gordon with a terrific game against OKC 40, 15, and 4.
  • Ben Simmions sets NBA record 24 feee throws in one quarter.
  • Knicks shoot 60% and 26 assists to defeat the Miami Heat 115-86.
  • DeRozan and Lowry combine for 66 to beat the Hornets and send their record to 13-7.
  • Rockets win 6 straight
  • Aldridge scores 41 as Spurs improve to 14-7
  • Warriors squeak by the Los Angeles Lakers in OT 127-123.
  • Memphis head coach fired, your thoughts?
  • Lebron ejection was it justified? I think not!

Check out this highlight on Celtic Great Larry Bird. Brought to you by NBA Reel.

Larry Bird Top 10 Plays

NBA Talk 11/24/17

  • Hornets defeat Wizards in 2OT to move to 8-9 on the season.
  • Lebron James scores 23 of 33 points in the 4th quarter against the Brooklyn Nets.
  • The 76ers dominate Portland as Embiid goes for 28 points and 12 rebounds in just 30 minutes.
  • Clash of the unsuccessful, Hawks vs Clippers. Blake Griffin has triple double in Los Angeles victory.
  • Miami Heat snap Celtics 16 game winning streak with a nail biting finish.
  • Knicks come up big in the 3rd quarter 41-10 and go on to beat the Raptors 108-100.
  • Rockets blow past Denver as they shoot 68% from the field on the first half.
  • Harrison Barnes hits the game winning three off the glass to edge out Memphis by 1, 95-94.
  • Timberwolves starters combine for 110 of 124 as they defeat the Orlando Magic.
  • Westbrook’s near triple double sends a message to the Warriors. OKC has plans to derail Warriors hopes for 2 in a row.

Check out this Highlight on Sacramento great Doug Christie. Brought to you by Sacramento Kings.

Doug Christie Top 5 Plays

Tip #15 War

War is one of my favorite team drills. It works on endurance, rebounding, boxing out, fast break, and communication.

For this drill the more people the better, up to 5 on 5. You can use one on one but it takes away the team aspect. You will split up into two teams. Offense around the three point line and defense in the paint. Partner up with someone who will be a challenge to guard or have a even matched opponent. The coach starts out with the ball and will intentionally miss the shot. When the shot goes up the defensive will find their matchup, box out, and explode for the board. Offense will try to maneuver around the defense to get the rebound and put it back up for a shot. If the offense gets the rebound they go back up with a quick shot or pass to a teammate for a better look. If the defense gets the ball they turn and push it full court and try to score on the fast break. If they miss the shot then the boxing out and rebound cycle continues. The drill ends when one team gets the rebound and scores.

This drill uses fundamentals to improve your game. It’s extremely active and enjoyable by getting players together almost like a scrimmage atmosphere. This is what most young players ask for. Try it out in your next practice and let me know how it goes.

Check out the NBA’s best fast breaks. Brought to you by Hoops Card.

NBA Quickest One Man Fast Breaks