Prayer for the day #4

Lord today I ask for Wisdom. Your word teaches us to cling to wisdom and gain as much of it as we can. I pray for wisdom and knowledge on how to use that wisdom. Please help to guide me today to make the right choices and pursue righteousness in every area of my life. Help me to be more like you Jesus, Amen!!

Prayer for the day #3

On behalf of Flight Ministries I would like to give my deepest condolences today for all those lost in yesterday’s tragic shooting in Florida. Today I pray for those family’s that God would touch their hearts and provide comfort. To provide peace in a time that is chaotic and confusing. The enemy is constantly trying to steal kill and destroy and this is the work of his hands. Let’s run to our savior the only source of love that can heal wounds as deep as these. Let this tragedy spark a revival for everyone to start a relationship with Jesus. Lets realize that life is but a vapor in the wind it is here one day and gone the next. So we can’t pass on an opportunity to let God meet us where we are.

Prayer for the day #1

Today is a new day, new opportunity’s and new chances to be the best person I can be. God today I pray that you are my number one priority. I ask that the distractions of life can be muted and the volume of your presence be turned up. Let your name be made famous today Jesus not my own!