New Album, Andy Mineo

To anyone who has gone through anxiety, depression, stress, worry, fear, life, in general, you need to listen to this album. We all go through ups and downs in life and in those low moments, it’s good to know that others have been where you are. Andy Mineo exposes his heart and where his state of mind has been lately. I applaud him for putting his heart out there for us as listeners to share in. Thank you, Andy, for allowing God to use you to help others, you are truly a light in a dark world. I find hope in these tracks for what I have gone through in my past and for whatever God may have in store for my future!

I: The Arrow By Andy Mineo

What I’m Listening To

Music is something loved by all people and especially because there is so many options. I love all genres of music but my preferred selection is Christian Rap. What I chose to listen to is important because it will influence my behavior, words, and thoughts. I listen to Christian artists because they believe in what I do. Their message is uplifting and always has me coming back for more. Christian Rap is not lesser because it’s not main stream. The music is produced with high quality and I believe you will enjoy it to if you are into Rap / HipHop.

Here are some of the albums I am currently listening to.

  • Perception : NF
  • Today We Rebel : KB
  • Magic & Bird : Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed
  • All Things Work Together : Lecrae
  • Your Soul Must Fly : Derek Minor

Check out these artists and their new music. Pay attention to the uplifting lyrics that speak about life as a Christ follower.

NF – Green Lights

Check out this video brought to you by NFVEVO.