Hi everyone, my name is Clayton Hendrix. I’m 25 years old and was born in Wichita Falls Texas but grew up in Oklahoma City. I currently live in Los Angeles California with my beautiful wife and daughter. My wife Jenn and I have been married for almost three years and our daughter Camila is 10 months old.

Flight Ministries is a NonProfit foundation that we started because we noticed a need in the community for young student athletes to be mentored. Mentoring through our ministry means three things. First, developing a friendship by getting to know that every person is different and we all have our own story. Second, training in the game of basketball which teaches physical and mental discipline while being involved in an activity they love. Third, and most important, giving every athlete a opportunity to except Jesus into their lives and begin a relationship with God.

Through those three steps, Flight Ministries will make a impact on the community that will push young generations into their future on the right path. Basketball is a tool that allows Flight Ministries into these young athletes lives. A opportunity for them to do what they love and in the process we get to know every individual on a deeper level. When you care for people on more then just the surface, you have an opening to become an influential role model. Flight Ministries wants to see younger generations of student athletes being successful in life and have a passion for the name of Jesus.