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Kansas University Basketball Warm Up Drill

The KU drill is something that was introduced to me when I was a freshman in High School and it has stuck with me ever since. Getting up shots is without a doubt the best way to become a better shooter but when you have a method to your madness it becomes more than just shooting the basketball. This drill has brought me more skill as a shooter to all spots on the court, because you can customize it to fit your goals.

First start at the block, right or left, and make three shots in a row. Then move on to the next block, from there on to the hash marks surrounding the lane. After those, the free throw line and then the 5 spots around the three-point line. To challenge yourself make 5 in a row from the free throw line then add spots like the short corner and midrange backboard shot. One fun thing I do to challenge myself is complete the whole drill with every shot off the backboard.

Remember that if you miss you cannot move on, you must complete a perfect 3 in a row. Challenge yourself to swish every shot. Focus on your form, release, and ball spin. This drill will help you to grow as a shooter and warm you up for any kind of basketball outing.

I hope this drill helps your game as much as it has mine. Have a great week and please check out our YouTube Link for video teaching of this drill. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned to new videos every week.

God bless!

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