New Direction

Owning and operating a business is no easy task. It comes with ups and downs and lots of hard work. Through the four years I have lead this non profit we have journeyed from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles. Working out of churches and gyms across the cites. When we find an open door to play basketball and minister to students we jump at the opportunity. Listening to God and allowing him to lead me where this ministry needs to go is key.

Recently I have been lead to simplify, and make a conscious decision to lead this ministry into a new season. Training and mentoring will be our focus going forward.

Personal one on one Training allows Flight Ministries to connect with each student on a deeper level. With teaching the game of basketball it involves us in the passion of our students and creates trust and vulnerability. We parter our mentoring skills and start to guide students in the right direction. Every student is different in life and in basketball. We don’t offer a cookie cutter mentor service because if we did the impact would not be genuine. Mentoring through basketball allows Flight Ministries to learn the details of what makes each student unique. In their homes, education, spirituality, social skills and any area where we see growth and guidance is needed.

Flight Ministries has always had the vision of seeing a younger generation being lead in the right direction for successful lives. Partner with us by supporting our ministry and this new direction. Your giving, prayers, and support are a must to make Flight Ministries a reality. Thank you for allowing us to serve the youth in your community!

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