Having Hope Through Loss

Losing those your close to is one of the most difficult things a human being can go through if not the most difficult. Whether that loved one was a part of your life when you were young or when you were older they played some role in your journey. When that loved one passes it’s almost like a piece of you is gone. Sure you have the memories and pictures and thank the Lord for that but it still hurts. You need something more.

Hope is what keeps me going! The world doesn’t stop turning and life just keeps on going. We have to find a way to push through the pain. I believe in a God that is bigger then death, in fact, he is the conqueror of the grave. Jesus bore my sin on the cross all the way to the grave. He took the keys of death from the devil and defeated death so you and I can have victory. Yes, I am sad when I experience a loss of those I love but I stand on what Jesus did and embrace hope!

Every day is a gift and no breath should be taken for granted. Today let’s fight for those around us, show love and compassion, mercy and grace. It may be our only chance to shine Gods light from Heaven into those we care about. When I die I want to be able to say I took hold of the opportunities God put in front of me to witness. Even though the pain is still there when mourning those close to us we can say to ourselves will see them again one day in Heaven!

Have hope for today world, and never miss a chance to show Gods love!

Dedicated to my PaPa Hendrix, I love and miss you!

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