NBA Talk 1/31/18

  • Beal and Porter combine for 46 as they end the OKC Thunder’s winning streak.
  • Kanter puts up 20 points 20 rebounds as the Knicks take down the Nets 111-95.
  • Pistons Andre Drummond with near triple double take down the Cavs 125-114.
  • James harden puts up ridiculous numbers scoring 60 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists as Rockets defeat the Magic 114-107.
  • Despite all the Spurs injuries they continue to stay relative with a record of 34-19.
  • Utah Jazz put a beating on the Warriors 129-99.
  • Tragic car crash claims former NBA player Rasual Butler age 38.
  • Who will take Kevin Loves spot as an all-star? What are your thoughts?

Watch this highlight on Hardens big 60 point game brought to you by NBA. First 60 point triple double James Harden

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