Giving Tuesday – Flight Ministries

Hey everyone! As most of you know, today is #givingtuesday. What is giving Tuesday you ask? It is a day to donate money, supplies, or time to a local charity or business.

This giving Tuesday, we ask that you keep flight ministries in mind. We are a non profit business that helps the community grow by investing in the lives of children and teenagers. We have had tons of people donate anything from basketballs to school supplies and of course cash and checks.

At flight ministries, here are a few things your donation will go to…

* Gym time

* Food for kids who can’t eat at home

* Basketballs

* Events for the youth

* Tournaments

* Uniforms

* Marketing

* And much more….

There is nothing more important to us than teaching the youth of today the amazing things that God can do for there life! We greatly appreciate any type of donation! We know that the kingdom of God works in many ways so we pray that we can work with everyone to help the kingdom grow! For giving information please email or for any other questions, feel free to comment below!

Thank y’all and have a blessed #givingtuesday !


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