Tip #16 Rotate

Playing defense in basketball is a lost art. The majority focus is and will forever be on scoring the ball. Their are players in the NBA right not that the only reason they are there is because of Defense.

Rotating on defense is a normal part of every possession. The key is knowing your opponent and their tendencies. Some players are shooters and others who love to attack. This information is so valuable because it dictates how you rotate.

  • Shooters can’t have any space. You stick to them like your life depended on it.
  • Players who attack the basket require a total team effort. It takes every defender being on point with their rotations.
  • If the player is not a threat still remember they are on the floor for a reason, don’t fall asleep and let them split past you for a easy bucket.

Check out this lock down defense from college powerhouse Virginia. Brought to you by Jeff Parriott.

Virginia vs Syracuse


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