Thanksgiving has been an incredible day filled with reminiscing on what we’re thankful for, family, food, and sports. What else can there be right! The morning consisted of watching the baby and cooking. Getting my girls together for a fun day with the family at our aunts home. Heading off to her house for a family gathering. A beautiful thanksgiving meal with all the fixings. To top the night off games and karaoke that filled the house with laughter and joy.

Being in California and not Oklahoma this year has me feeling quite homesick. Marring into a family that is located half way across the country from my hometown was not an easy decision. Knowing this my wife and I knew it would be difficult at times. We would have to sacrifice for each other to spend time in either state.

Even though today was very delightful it was hard to shut out the feelings of sadness missing my parents, sisters, and the rest of the crew I have grown up to enjoy holidays with. In moments like this my mind tends to shut down and lean on things that bring comfort. Unfortunately my first choice is not always going to God for comfort. Here are a couple of things I tend to run to for comfort, maybe you can relate.

  • Television
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Music
  • Phone

Why do we run to anything other than Jesus? We tend to create a comfort zone for ourselves where we can hide from our problems instead of addressing them. Idols, that’s what these comfort items are truly. When we place anything above the King and run to that particular thing for comfort or escape. It no longer is just a comfort zone, it becomes an idol.

I’m right there with you, and I will be completely transparent. I struggle with makings comfort items into idols. It’s something that makes my heart happy and allows me not to think about my problems. I challenge you along with myself to make Jesus our first outlet! When He comes first we are handling the issue at hand by placing our circumstances in the only hands who can really make a difference. All the outlets I have are healthy but only when they are placed in proper position behind my Lord and Savior.

Exodus 20:3 You shall have no other Gods before me.


5 thoughts on “Idols

  1. This is very down to earth and helpful. My first thought is to run to others for comfort also. Just recently, I ran to Jesus first and then didn’t need the sympathy and help from others in my family. He bears our burdens, he understands our sorrows. Joyce Meyer says, “Instead of running to the phone, go to the throne.”

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