Tip #14 Flat Ball

Having trouble with your passing game? Turnovers happen, they are apart of the game. However if turnovers are being caused because of poor passing this is unacceptable. I had the privilege of coaching a team that was very skilled separately. Gelling them together as a team was difficult so poor passing was a problem. I came up with a solution, I had to force them to work together. I took our teams practice ball and let the air out and told my team no dribbling today. Playing with a flat ball made them work together. Using eye contact and communication to move the ball. No more one on ones and ball hogging just smart passes and team basketball. I saw improvements almost immediately!

If you are a coach a recommend those drill and watch as the turnovers start reducing. Players use this technique to improve your basketball IG, passing skills, and communication.

Check out this highlight on the NBA’s top passers. Brought to you by House Of Hoops.

NBA Greatest Passes Of All Time


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