Tip #13 Drills

Practice is where you can take your game to the next level. You take your game from so-so to lights out. It takes determination, work ethic, and persistence if you want to be great. I find drill after drill on YouTube of individuals getting creative with methods on improving. Times will come when you may need to get creative to spice up the fun in practice, especially if you’re a coach. My advice, keep it simple! Basketball is about training your body, and mind to perform. Muscle memory is key to this for your body and your brain. There is a reason coaches are still using drills that are 20-30 years old. They do the job and are proven to improve performance. Stick to repetition and create that muscle memory. Switching it up at times is okay but keeping it simple and putting in the work should be your number one option. No days off, go out there and get it!

Check out this video on fundamentals. Brought to you by Lucas Pino.

Michael Jordan Basics Of Basketball


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