Psalm 25:10 From now on every road you travel will take you to God. Follow the Covenant signs; Read the charted directions.

When you are born and as you grow up life seems to lead you down a dotted line, a generic map followed by millions of people. You have a basic outline of what the world says your life should look like. Attend class and get a high school diploma. Find a great college and receive a degree. Get a job you can retire at, marriage, kids, and live life happily ever after. Hitting the highlights this is pretty accurate to what a lot of people envision their lives panning out to be. Maybe your one of those who doesn’t like the norm and wants to create your own unique stories. Whether you’re more of the traditional type or you want to live outside the box we can all use directions at times.

Putting God as a first priority means to evolve Him in everything happening in your life. Decisions big and small should first be brought to God in prayer. I refer to big moments in our lives as the highlights. Highlights are moments like I discussed earlier, marriage, kids, new job, and vacations. Minor moves you make on daily bases are also important just on a smaller scale. Often I find myself caught in situations that I don’t know which route to chose. Almost like a multiple choice test. In times such as those I wish I knew which answer to pick.

In every hard time, I’ve ever faced my solution was to look to Jesus. He is our source of healing, comfort, grace, and direction. Have you ever been moved by a feeling in the pits of your stomach? A feeling so strong they guide you one way or the other. That is our God, His Holy Spirit speaking into your heart and leading you to what is right. Time after time I have experienced the Holy Spirit speaking to my inner being giving me confirmation on what to do next.

  • Marriage- Is she the right one? What should I do Lord?
  • Kids- How will I be the father you want me to be? Show me, Lord, where do I go from here!
  • Work- Do I continue to give them my life or should I move on at the chance of finding something better? Help me decide Lord!
  • Moving- God I feel your call but I don’t want to leave everything I’ve ever known. Give me the strength to do your will!

God has always come through! Like all areas of relationship with Jesus, it takes 100% commitment. You have to be all in because sometimes living for God is hard. He will ask you do go and do things that will stretch you. I promise you this you may bend but you will never break following the direction of our King. I have followed my gut and trusted God when I felt lead to go or do. He has never failed me. If you are lost, confused, or don’t know where to go and what to do next just look to Jesus. His directions are perfect and He will always lead you down the right road.


8 thoughts on “Directions

  1. Excellent post so much truth spoken. This line is the clincher for me “You have to be all in because sometimes living for God is hard.” I too have found just how hard it is to be in an “all in” relationship with Him. Though I have suffered great loss, He has proven to be faithful and has given me His promised peace that surpasses my understanding. ~ Have a blessed day with Jesus ~

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