Tip #12 Warm Up

Your only as good as your practice. Practice is where you push yourself to get better. Mistakes should be made and are okay in practice. This means your stretching your self to be a better player. Practice should always be tougher then games. Remember it’s all in your preparation.

Practice is the first step, the second is pre game warm ups, and the third is game time. Regardless of how hard your coach is on your team your ultimate outcome is to improve and win games. If your coach does not make you and your teammates warm up with intensity before every performance, this is an issue. Leaders go out of their way to make a difference and you are no different. Speak up to your teammates and relay that message. Step two is warming up and preparing for game time with the proper attitude. Start a movement in the right direction and watch as you and your team reap the benefits.

  • Focusing on the task at hand
  • No joking or goofing off
  • Run through the drills with intensity
  • Communicate being clear and loud, speaking through the crowd
  • Don’t be afraid to speak up and spark a change for yourself or your team

Watch this fun video on pre game rituals. Brought to you by Complex News.

Fun NBA Pregame Rituals


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