Eyes On The Prize

What’s the end goal of life? Do you know what your living for? These two questions are without a doubt two of biggest you could ask yourself. Everyone should know the answer! Life, day in and day out takes drive and commitment. Pushing yourself forward with every breath. To do this it takes beliefs, dreams, goals, an ending objective. Otherwise your running a race with a starting line but no finish. Take a moment to answer those two questions and meditate on your answers.

The thing that wakes me up each morning and keeps me fired up for life is knowing I’m one more day closer to seeing Jesus. Among other things like my wife Jennifer and baby girl Camila, God is my number one priority. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will see His face one day and be embraced by His presence. I will walk the streets of gold in Heaven. I will no longer have stain teared eyes from pain and fear. I’m hanging on to Jesus and His promise that I am saved by grace.

You and I were given this life we lead on purpose. You were not created by God on mistake. He knew exactly what He was doing and we should know our end goal in life. God created us for relationship. He wants one with us, a intimate walk between you and your creator. We were also given a mission from Jesus to go into all the world and make disciples, telling them about the good news. When I come face to face with God on judgement day. I want to be able to say “I took what I was given and spread it to the world the best I knew how”.

The end of my life will come on this earth, but that is not the end. I will live on for eternity with my King in Heaven. I will praise His name and give Him glory because it’s only by Jesus that I can boldly proclaim this future. Dive into your Bible, cry out to God, and figure out your answers. What’s the end goal of life? Do you know what your living for? We have our study guide and the answers are written in for you and I to see. I challenge you today to answer these questions and live each day with them in the back of your mind. Let them propel you forward looking towards a future with our King!

Listen to this track from Trip Lee on wanting to be in Heaven. Brought to you by Reach Records.

Trip Lee Take Me There


7 thoughts on “Eyes On The Prize

  1. For me the life after has never been the important part, but that does not stop me from feeling that you should do as much good as you can during this life… if there is anything beyond I think that is what matters and if not I know that I sleep better at night if I do my best…

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    1. Definitely doing your best now is huge. My thing is sometimes we tend to hold on to things in this life and love them more then God. When our ultimate goal is being with him so it’s really just making sure to place Him ahead of everything else. I️ do that by keeping my eyes on Heaven.


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