Tip #11 Hustle

Working hard is a choice. Grinding for every ounce of talent you have is determination. Persevering every second your on the court is hustle. The question you have to ask yourself is how bad do you want your dreams? In basketball and in life!

Life is full of moments that will make or break you. In those times effort is key. I’ve witnessed first hand kids that have all the talent but never give 100%. Teams goofing off in practice or pre game warm ups instead of focusing and staying on task. I see it as a since of entitlement. Pride has gotten the best out of many young athletes today. Not only athletes but out in there in the corporate world as well. Why do some feel like things should be handed to them?Entitlement is a cancer that can affect our lives and spread to all areas and in this instance hustle. Players lower your shields of pride and give all your blood, sweat, and tears to the game you love. Every single opportunity you have in practice, film room, game time, you give all your hustle. You will find the satisfaction in always giving your 100% effort. Watch as it pays off for itself in the game of basketball and in life.

Watch this highlight on hustle. Brought to you by Dunk Buster.

Top 10 NBA Hustle Plays


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