NBA Talk 11/11/17

  • Paul George goes off with 42 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists. This is PG13’s best game of the year! Having 3 super stars, OKC needs to ride the hot hand in each game to be successful.
  • Celtics win 11th straight game but Kyrie has possible concussion. Taking a elbow from teammate Aron Baynes.
  • Detroit Pistons off to best start since 05-06 season (9-3). Defeating the disappointment 2-10 Hawks last night.
  • Eric Bledsoe looks like he will settle in nicely with the Bucks as he goes for 13 points and 7 assists in Milwaukee debut.
  • Orlando Magic score season high 128. Defeating the Suns last night pushing them to 8-4.

Check out this highlight on Jason Kidd. Brought to you by NBA Reel.

Jason Kidd Top 10 Plays Of Career


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