God Is My Standard 

In my short 25 years of life I have witnessed my share of ups and downs, much like anyone else. Circumstances and situations that caused me to use my moral compass. Deciding where you stand on issues can often be difficult. Especially when those issues are of sensitive nature.

  • Sex
  • Drugs / Alcohol
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender orientation
  • Death
  • Relationships

These can be touchy subjects for some and hard to discuss. Christians have a standard to live by and it’s simply God’s standard. The Bible is our standard because the word is God.

John 1:1 In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. 

Living as a Christ follower means choosing to believe and follow the Bible in entirety. Picking and choosing what best suits you is not an option. It’s an all or nothing philosophy. Based on those beliefs these difficult subjects start to show some clarity. The act of speaking to those dealing with them may not be as simple. If the one who is dealing with a situation is a Christ follower as you are then point them to the word. Discuss the scriptures together and pray for the Holy Spirit to move in their heart for comfort and peace. If  the individual is not a Christ follower approach the subject with a sensitive heart because you don’t understand how this person is thinking. Offer the wisdom of the Bible and explain to them if they have questions. Speak about salvation and how Jesus is your source and standard for everything life throws your way. Give them the opportunity to accept Jesus as well. If your met with a defensive demeanor then just listen. Allow that person to explain their point of view and allow God to move in your heart how you can help them. Please do not force your beliefs on anyone because at the end of the day you and I can not save anyone. It is God’s job to soften their hearts to accept His love.

With God as your foundation and allowing His word to take root in your heart, He will be your standard. Seek Him for everything in life through prayer and meditation. Allow God to work in your life and those around you no matter the issue, good or bad, big and small. Make God your standard today!


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