Tip #10 Change of Pace 

Change of pace and change of direction is key to any players offensive game. Being self taught most of my life watching games on TV and learning from the professionals was one of my best avenues. I like to compare my style of play to San Antonio Spurs legend Manu Ginobili. This particular move, change of place and change of direction, I got from Chris Paul. As a smaller guard you have to find crafty ways of getting to the basket. Watching CP3 I noticed after the initial blow by he would slow down change speeds and back up into the player he beat then explode passed the second defender attacking the rim. Here are a couple key tips to mastering this skill:

  • Inconsistent speeds to keep defenders on their heels. 
  • When getting defender off balance dip your shoulder and have a burst of speed to attack the rim.
  • If you beat your defender and you have them on your back change speeds by stopping and creating contact. One of two things will happen, a foul will be drawn or the contact will allow for more separation after a burst to the rim. 
  • Work on this in practice grab a couple of your friends or use cones to simulate game situations. 

Add change of pace and change of direction to your arsenal and become more of a challenge for the defenses to guard! Check out this highlight on Damion Lillard and notice his use of this move. Brought to you by Across The Court. 

Damion Lillard Change Of Pace


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