Tip #9 KYP 

KYP or Know your personnel was something my high school coach drilled into us in practice everyday. Team chemistry is important for a team to become successful. Every player is different   and that translates to how you interact with each other on the court. The reality of us all being different means that some excel in certain aspects of the game and some don’t. So as a teammate you have to take this knowledge into account. Every pass, dribble, defensive switch, almost every part of your game has to be cohesive with others on your team. 

For example you wouldn’t throw a lob pass to the rim for a dunk to a player that can’t jump high enough to catch it. Giving the ball up to your center as they look up to a press defense and expect them to not turn the ball over. Asking your point guard to get in the paint and post up for a big man move. You don’t assume these types of situations will happen because your smart enough to use KYP. 

Knowing your role in basketball is huge. It maximizes your impact on the game. When you know what your supposed to do then you don’t force it. Allowing the game to flow naturally because your playing to your strengths. Practice is for expanding those roles and getting better. Game time is focusing on the role required for victory. From now on remember the acronym KYP (Know Your Personnel) and let it take your basketball IQ to a new level. 

Check out this entertaining highlight reel from one of my favorites Gerald Wallace. Brought to you by  House of Hoops. 

Gerald Wallace Top 10 Dunks


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