Waiting For The Right Time 

In this life time is our most valuable possession. Wouldn’t you agree? You and I are in complete control of how we manage each and every second that we are given. In today’s society it is apparent that we want things right here and right now. Waiting and being patient has gotten lost. Instead it’s hustling and grinding for what you want now. I’m all about working hard and going after what you want, but I’m partial to the saying,  “good things come to those who wait.”

Gods timing is what we should strive for. He has the perfect plan, it’s choosing to commit to that plan no matter the cost. Often those costs are waiting. God will prepare you for the next season in life with the proper training. Do you think Stephen Curry, Lebron James, and Russel Westbrook would be as talented as they are if they skipped practicing their craft? The answer is of course not! They had to sweat and grind day after day in the gym to be where they are today. In time, and with work, they rose to become MVP’s. It wasn’t an over night success. 

Life is full of seasons that take time to develop. Before I started dating my wife we laid down ground rules. The biggest of those was no sex before marriage. We wanted to honor God with this commitment and place sex in its proper place as a gift for married couples. This was extremely hard because as our love grew so did our desire for intimacy. We knew from past relationships that if we did not keep this commitment and wait we would never last. Today I can say that we accomplished that goal. After dating for 7 months I asked for her hand in marriage and 7 months after that we got married. Because of that commitment to being patient and waiting for sex until marriage, God truly has blessed our marriage. It was worth the wait. God took us through that time of waiting to prepare us for our future. 

In February me and my wife will be married for 3 years. We have a 1 year old daughter and are still striving for God’s will in our lives. Now the conversation has started when should we start trying for number 2. We pray and listen for Gods guidance. Right now the answer is to wait and be patient because we know in His perfect timing we will be blessed with another child. Until that time comes we will take care of what he has placed in our hands and wait. 

Whatever the case may be with you today, remember it’s okay to wait. Rushing often makes the situation worse. My advice is to pray, listen, and act when the time is right. 

Listen to Trip Lee’s “I Can Wait” for his perspective on this subject. Brought to you by ReachRecords.  

 I Can Wait – Trip Lee

12 thoughts on “Waiting For The Right Time 

  1. Thank you for sharing. I use that analogy with my students about practicing. I tell them that Stephen Curry, Lebron James and other sports stars don’t just go out and win. Practice is a part of their regimen. Students must practice.
    Also waiting. Thank you for sharing about you and your wife waiting. That is encouraging for me and so many other Christian singles 😊.

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