Tip #7 Follow Through

Almost every player I know fell in love with the game by shooting the ball. The interest is sparked and your journey began. Some of you like myself self taught yourself almost everything you know about the game. Others could have been lucky enough to have coaching your whole life. Whatever the case may be proper technique is important. With each tip Flight Ministries gives through this blog it is our goal for you to become more technically sound. Today’s tip is follow through. Every time you put up a shot remember how important it is to hold your follow through and follow your shot. These are two in the same when I am coaching this skill.

  • Release the ball shooting the same way each and every time.
  • Hold your follow through to insure perfect ball spin and arch.
  • Follow your shot. You know if your shot will be short, long, left or right so chase after it and get your rebound.
  • No ball watching and no turning around acting like a super star. Your not Steph Curry yet so go get the board.

Follow these practical steps in improving your shooting percentage, and getting more rebounds. Rebounds and second chance points win games. Be the type of players others can look up to by doing the little things.

Check out these players not ball watching and pursuing the rebound. Brought to you by Hoop Card.

NBA Putback Dunks


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