NBA Talk 10/31

  • Warriors dominate Clippers with 12 straight wins against Los Angeles
  • The Celtics with out Hayward are finding their way, snapping an 11 game losing streak to the Spurs.
  • Minnesota defeats the Heat as Jeff Teague puts team on his back, 14 points in the 4th / OT periods.
  • Sixers shoot 55% with 27 assists as they take down the Rockets in Houston.
  • Orlando Magic defeat the Pelicans to secure their best start since the 2011-2012 season.
  • Lebron’s Cavs drop to number 20 on the NBA power rankings poll.

The NBA is in full swing and teams are already fighting for positions of authority. The MVP race is being established with Giannis Antekounmpo as the front runner averaging 34, 10, and 5. Hope your enjoying the games and please leave your feedback. Let’s talk basketball.

Check out this highlight from one of my all time favorites Ben Wallace. Brought to you by 76ers93.

Big Ben Wallace Top 10 Plays


2 thoughts on “NBA Talk 10/31

  1. I love basketball and the NBA. I watch some games online when I find the time so, thank you so much for the update 😀
    I´d love it if Giannis won the MVP. The guy is a beast and his game is true delicatessen!
    I have not seen Oklahoma yet… maybe this evening? haha 😉
    I´ve heard that Westbrook and Simmons are solid candidates too?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Giannis is an amazing players with his size and length I’ve heard people say he will be the best player in the league in a couple years. Westbrook is an incredible player when it comes to stats and accolades but sometimes I feel like that’s all the game is about to him. Simmons is a growing players idk MVP this year but he’s up there for sure. Thanks so much for commenting. I love discussing basketball with fellow lovers of the games.


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