Inspiration, Where Does It Come From?

Beginning my journey as a blogger I was encouraged to reach out to other writers. Learn from them and pick their brains. My question has been where do these talented writers, photographers, and poets get their inspiration? Speaking with Kae from I asked her that same question. Her response was “I pray”. Sitting back and taking in her response I realize yes as simple as that answer may be prayer is where I find my inspiration as well.

All good and pure things come from God He is the source. I encourage you to embrace the beauty of Gods love, it is boundless and has no strings attached. Jesus gives hope to the hopeless and broken, a shoulder to lean on in times of need.

Jesus paints the picture of what true love is in this passage. In all walks of life we seek to love and be loved. This particular excerpt in the Bible is often referred to as the Love chapter. I have practiced substituting my name on every occasion in the chapter where you see the word love. Write it out on a piece of paper and tape it to your mirror at home. Make sure everyday your reminding yourself how much your loved and how loving you can be to others. Your speaking life by building this strong characteristic of love in yourself.

Read this beautiful poem from Kae at to hear her perspective on how God is her inspiration.

His blood runs free…

if He could be played

on a piano

He would be a note

springing from grave sides

to water flowers…

those veins which pump so much


than ink

to fill our pens with

watered down


His heartbeat gushes LOVE…

that River which runs

through Him

the Man condemned

who flings off

prison bars,

religious robes,


on water

swims with the poor,


to Heaven…

beckons us to fly

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