Tip #6 Dip your Shoulder

Driving to the basket is a skill that some players have a hard time doing. More and more I see players wanting to hover around that three point line and never dive into the paint. But why? I feel they are afraid of contact. Basketball is a game that will test your will and heart at times and getting penetration to the basket is one of those areas. Here are a couple of tips to improve your drive.

  • Make one move and go. Crossing over and trying to get that highlight move for the mixtape is not the goal. Get the easy two points by making one hard move and attacking.
  • When you receive that initial contact. You have to make it up in your mind that your opponent will not stop you.
  • Dip your shoulder have a burst of speed and attack the basket!
  • Practice finishing with contact so that all those fouls in the game will turn into and one’s.

Use these tips to become more then just a shooter. Diversity your game and make yourself harder to guard.

Watch this highlight video on Tony Parker. Even though he is undersized he doesn’t let it stop him getting to the hole. Brought to you by NBA Reel.

Tony Parker Top Ten Plays Of Career


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