What I’m Listening To

Music is something loved by all people and especially because there is so many options. I love all genres of music but my preferred selection is Christian Rap. What I chose to listen to is important because it will influence my behavior, words, and thoughts. I listen to Christian artists because they believe in what I do. Their message is uplifting and always has me coming back for more. Christian Rap is not lesser because it’s not main stream. The music is produced with high quality and I believe you will enjoy it to if you are into Rap / HipHop.

Here are some of the albums I am currently listening to.

  • Perception : NF
  • Today We Rebel : KB
  • Magic & Bird : Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed
  • All Things Work Together : Lecrae
  • Your Soul Must Fly : Derek Minor

Check out these artists and their new music. Pay attention to the uplifting lyrics that speak about life as a Christ follower.

NF – Green Lights

Check out this video brought to you by NFVEVO.


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