Trust In Jesus

Jesus preformed many miracles in the Bible that are very important. We can learn from these miracles and see Gods heart. In Luke chapter 8, Jesus was asked by a man to come and heal his daughter who was going to die. Jesus said yes and they started heading to the mans house. While walking to the house Jesus was stopped by a women and this delayed Him from getting to the young girl. A servant came running to tell the man “Your daughter died. No need to bother the teacher.”. What Jesus did next was jaw dropping. Luke 8:50-51 Jesus overheard and said, “Don’t be upset. Just trust me and everything will be alright.”. The servant and everyone around Jesus must have looked at Him like did you not hear, she’s dead! Jesus continues to the home of this man, walks in and tells the young girl get up. The girl gets up and starts breathing. Jesus asks them to feed her and then He was on His way.

Wow what an amazing miracle that Jesus just preformed. He literally spoke life back into this little girl and she rose to live again. The words that keep me speechless in the scripture are “Just trust me and everything will be alright”. So simply stated by Jesus but almost incomprehensible to man.

Have you ever been in a situation in life that seemed like all hope was lost? Maybe you wanted Jesus to show up in the flesh and say those few words, “just trust me it’ll be alright.” I know I have, but the reality is, Jesus already spoke those words and we need to cling to them as His unbreakable promise.

I can recall the most recent situation where I wish I would have had this scripture handy. After being married for a little over a year my wife became pregnant. We were overwhelmed with excitement and were looking forward to being parents. The first couple weeks go by after we found out and everything was great. The following Sunday comes and my wife leaves early for church to sing on the worship team. I met her there later after I got out of working. A normal Sunday until my wife suddenly walks off stage and minutes later my phones rings. I answer the phone to hear a panicked and worried tone. That morning will forever be stuck in my memory, a few short days later we lost our baby. The pain that we felt in those moments was unlike any other. I needed to be reminded of Jesus’ words, “just trust me and everything will be alright”.

There is something that God gives us that no one else can, divine healing from the hurt, and comfort in our times of need from the Holy Spirit. See, God is our creator and He knows us better than anyone. The pain will always be there from losing our daughter but through the healing process we have seen why. The rate of having a miscarriage is extremely high but we had no idea until we experienced it ourselves. God has brought us through this circumstance so that we can help others who may experience the same hurt. He will use our weakness and turn it into a strength to serve those around us.

We will all go through tough moments like the one me and my wife have experienced but we can have hope in Jesus name. Remember those simple but powerful words by our King “ Don’t be upset. Just trust me and everything will be alright”.

Listen to Blessings brought to you by LecraeVEVO to remind us how good God is. Blessings Lecrae


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