Tip #5 Body Language

Body language is defined by Google as the process of communicating nonverbally through conscious gestures and movements.

Players body language is something that I have noticed quite frequently as a problem, especially with youth. When you don’t hit that jumper you fall into this deep depression and let the rest of your game suffer. I’m joking of course but this is not so far from reality. Guys and girls the game is not always going to go your way. Mistakes will be made and usually often. The key is to keep playing! When you turn the ball over with a silly pass or your shot just isn’t falling that day. Play through it. If your defender crosses you over and your stuck grabbing a fist full of air while their past you getting a bucket. Play through it.

Coaching has been a privilege for me and one of my favorite parts is getting to know my players. Remember that your body language is how you present yourself through high and low moments. The coach is paying attention to those little details even though they may slip your mind. So keep up the positive vibes, give everything you have and leave it on the court.

One of my favorite pieces of advice was that even the best players in the world miss half their shots so let it go and keep shooting. Confidence in yourself plus great body language is a winning combination. I challenge you to play with today’s tip in mind.

Watch this highlight of Kawhi Leonard and the next time you watch a San Antonio Spurs game notice his body language, he’s definitely a good role model in that area. Brought to you by AWolve.

Kawhi Leonard “Mask Off”


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