Tip #3 Close Out

Defense is one of my favorite parts about playing basketball. The intensity, passion, and heart that it takes to be great on that end of the floor. Here are a couple of tips that should help you lock up your defender.

  • When closing out on a offender make sure your stance is balanced. Keeping the opponent square to your chest.
  • Close out with a arms length distance. It prevents a blow by when getting to close or a open shot when closing out to far.
  • Intimate the shooter by yelling ball repeatedly and having active hands.
  • Chop out your feet to insure you will be on your toes incase they try to drive left or right.

Don’t fall for pump fakes, stay solid with your defense. Make the offender beat you not you beating yourself with a silly fundamental mistake.

Check out this great drill on closing out and defending on ball by BBALLBREAKDOWN. Basketball Drills: The Close Out


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