Tip #2 Box Out

Boxing out in basketball should be as routine as dribbling a ball. Every trip up or down the court, offense or defense you have to box out. Here are a couple key steps of boxing out.

  • Split your defender- one foot in between their legs and the other on their outside hip
  • Strong stance- get low with your strong side forearm contacting the opponent
  • Turn and keep the opponent on your back- use your arms to guide movement left or right
  • Locate the ball and explode for the rebound

Use these simple tips and become a rebound machine.

Also check out this inspirational video by Pure Sweat Basketball.

Dennis Rodman (The Menace): The NBA’s All-Time Best Rebounder


2 thoughts on “Tip #2 Box Out

  1. My team has struggled with boxing out all season. Its more of a commitment issue than technique. Our assistant coach teaches a technique of boxing out with all the same elements of yours but with the addition of using their hand to make contact with the opponent’s opposite hip to establish contact before turning for the seal. We will definitely utilize the Rodman clips!

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    1. Effort and heart are tricky, you hope all your players have it but it’s something that’s inside of you. As a coach you can’t exactly teach it but it can me learned if your players want it bad enough. Those clips of Rodman can definitely spark something special for young players. I hope the best for your team!! Appreciate the comment.


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