Friday In The NBA

  • Lonzo Ball has a fantastic 2nd career game against the suns almost putting up a triple double.
  • News of Chris Paul’s injury 2-3 weeks before return. Will it work two ball dominate players on the floor at once, remains to be seen.
  • Wizards John Wall seems to be on a mission to prove he is a top tear PG in the league.
  • With a high scoring opening week and two close games in the books. A lack of defense is what I’m seeing from the Warriors.
  • OKC Thunder’s new look reminds me of their old big 3. Who shoots and when? One on one ball not a team concept makes me wonder if it will work.
  • A number of bad injuries to start the season. Prayers go out to all the injured players and hopes for a speedy recover.
  • Sixers and all their young talent. Will this be their breakout season?

Check out this highlight from FreeDawkins

Lonzo Ball Near Triple Double


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