Give and Take

Serving one another is a basic need in life, and we all have been on both sides of the line. One is to have a need and desire someone’s help. The other is being the one who has the ability to serve. Both are understandable in life to need and feel needed. So I asked myself this question, why are there so many who hunger, who are homeless, and hurt in the world? I have come to realize that the balance is off, more people would rather receive then give. Having a need met is extremely satisfying and yes your getting what you desired but who is returning the favor? Have we lost touch and forgot that serving and giving can be as equally satisfying?

The apostle Paul writes in Romans that as excited as he is to come to the town of Rome to preach the good news and witnessing for God, he is also expecting to get something in return. Expecting something is a reoccurring theme in the Bible. Jesus wants you and I to expect him to show up in our lives to let his spirit move through us and this is exactly what Paul is doing. Have you ever volunteered at a soup kitchen for the homeless or gave your time to help someone in need? How did that make you feel? Did you get anything out of it? In my experience as a basketball coach for underprivileged youth, I would have to answer YES, I surely did receive. From the outside looking in you might think, “wow those kids are lucky to have a coach who cares for them and can impart knowledge.” That may be the case, but through my eyes those kids taught me things about life I never knew. They showed me friendship, grace, the heart of hard work, dedication, and a brotherhood that few get to experience.

See I began coaching to help meet a need, to be a servant to those who may be getting passed up for success. In return I received priceless memories that will forever change my life. Let’s stop chasing after our needs getting met and learn to meet the needs of those around us. When you discover the joy in serving you will understand just another piece of why God is such an incredible King. I challenge you to be the difference in a broken world that needs a servant.

Romans 1:12 “But don’t think I’m not expecting to get something out of this, too! You have as much to give me as I do to you.


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