Flight Ministries has the privilege to work with student-athletes like the ones shown in the picture above on a weekly bases. Training these students in the game of basketball and in life. Once you join our Flight family you will always have a place in our hearts.

Thank you all for the support and prayers you send Flight Ministries way! We know God is at work in Los Angeles and Flight Ministries is excited to see more and more student Athletes pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ and growing in the game basketball.


I catch myself thinking about the future, getting lost in the daydreams of what could be. I look at my life and lives around me and imagine what I want things to look like, days, months, and even years from now. Then I remind myself that it isn’t up to me. It is God’s will, his plan, and his timing for my life in every area that I set my thoughts on. Worrying about tomorrow is sure hard not to do. But I will strive to place my life in the hands of the only one the truly matters, Jesus Christ my savior!